The Arab Social Democratic Forum is an established network between the social democratic parties in the Arab world. The movement aims to:

  1. Building a unified Arab social democratic front that will encourage partnership, coordination, the exchange of ideas and resources between the parties already established and the parties under establishment in the Arab world.
  2. Providing political, moral, financial and logistical support to parties under foundation based on social democratic principles in the Arab world.
  3. Publishing and disseminating social democratic ideas that demonstrate the ideology’s principles, such as equality, freedom of expression, women’s rights and minority rights in the Arab world and producing political programs and manifestos for social democratic parties.
  4. Establishing an Arab body that can facilitate effective means of communication and exchange between Arab social democrats and their international counter parts in order to focus global support through partnerships and joint participation for the promotion of common principles.

The Arab Spring resulted from a social movement and revolution that demanded social justice, democracy, freedom, independence and equality. This Arab social movement was able to oust the dictatorial and military regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen and the revolutionary struggle continues in other parts of the Arab world. These revolutions are building secular states founded on redefining the social contract and the fundamentals of citizenship so that the state is the protector and guarantor of civil rights and duties based on democratic principles, good governance, peaceful transition of power, redistribution of wealth and the protection of minorities. All of these developments have led to the foundation of Arab social democratic parties in countries where the Arab spring enabled the creation of democratic political freedoms such as Egypt and Tunis.  

Despite being newly established, experiencing a lack of funding, organizational capacity challenges and inexperience in political and electoral campaigning, the parties that adopted social democratic ideologies were able to achieve advanced results in the elections that took place in these Arab countries. In Tunis, El Takatol party came second in the elections and its leader is the leader of the National Foundation Council in Tunis. In Egypt, the social democratic parties achieved advanced results and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party's coalition was able to obtain approximately 2.5 million votes. In Palestine, the social democratic ideology, represented by the Fateh Palestinian Political Organization, took the lead almost 45 years ago and remains the dominant force in the Palestinian political sphere.  

In the Arab spring countries specifically and the Arab world generally, the political compass points towards a new era of dominance for social democracy in its ability to compete at the highest level of the political sphere. As a result, the idea of an Arab Social Democrats Forum emerged in order to have a focal point for solidifying and directing this political movement in order for the social democratic ideology to take the lead and compete in the Arab world through effective coordination on a domestic, regional and international level. 

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  • Front of Socialist Forces (FFS) - Algeria
  • National Democratic Action Society - Wa'ad - Bahrain
  • Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) - Egypt
  • Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) - Iraq
  • Jordanian Social Democratic Party - Jordan
  • Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) - Lebanon
  • National Forces Alliance - Libya
  • Rally of Democratic Forces - Mauritania
  • Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) - Morocco
  • Fatah Organisation - Palestine
  • Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) - Palestine
  • Ettakatol Party  - Tunisia
  • Yemini Socialist Party - Yemen